New information deepens doubts over #Copeland by-election

Democracy under attack in Britain? Very worrying…


batemanLast weekend, the SKWAWKBOX published concerns raised by a firm of electoral analysts about the apparent unlawfulness of the conduct of the Copeland by-election last week – and subsequently, video footage in which a BBC reporter (pictured above) talked about the ‘unusual’ handling of the trays used for ballot papers and separate footage in which BBC Question Time host David Dimbleby announced that Labour had held Copeland then quickly retracted it.

As a result of those articles, further information has come forward from eyewitnesses and others that only serves to deepen concerns over the validity of the result. Remember that BBC reporter Tom Bateman has already been shown observing that trays which would normally be stacked with votes were empty, so the information below becomes extremely significant:

  1. As Sky News reported at two minutes to midnight, the number of postal votes was already known:
    The figure of 9,000 is broadly…

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4 thoughts on “New information deepens doubts over #Copeland by-election

  1. What sparked all this was the concern raised by a firm of electoral analysts. Those analysts categorised not only this by election, but the entire 2015 GE unlawful on the basis that postal vote tallies were not prepared. Not only were they prepared for 2015, but they were published by the Electoral Commission. The credibility of these analysts must therefore be highly suspect. Form K – the postal vote tally – is a public document and I have requested it from Copeland under FOI. Anyone can do the same.

    Many of the other concerns seem to be of the “twitchy David Dimbleby eyes” category, and to impugn the integrity of the officials involved in the count in this way is of a completely different order to attacking politicians.

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    1. I really hope you are right. Democracy is in danger here already. Vote rigging, even a hint of it, would turn even more people away from politics… and from voting.

      I’ll try and get hold of the document. Bad enough that we have Labour MPs trying to influence the votes against Labour…

      I would never have believed it before the more overt attack on democracy and participation that went on during the labour leadership campaign, which I witnessed first hand…


      1. The electoral commission have, according to SKWAWKBOX, told complainants that they should report alleged wrongdoing to the Police. And so they should.

        The problem is that no one seems to be able to tell us exactly what wrongdoing is alleged, or laws have been breached as the tittle tattle on SKWAWKBOX’s blog has no specifics to it.

        What I think is significant is that the people who were actually at the count for hours (as opposed to those who are drawing conclusions from a press photo or the direction of David Dimbleby’s gaze) don’t seem to have raised any concerns.

        I would be bold enough to categorise the whole thing as fake news.

        The 2015 postal vote data(which the “electoral analysts” say doesn’t exist) is here

        Columns W onwards.

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