Lords with interests in private health companies are members of the NHS Sustainability Committee

Talk about conflicts of interest. Surely this goes against all moral instincts?!

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

Three of the 14 members of the Committee, which has recently produced its report on NHS Sustainability, have past or present corporate health interests.

Lord Warner (Non-affiliated member.)

Following his 2007 departure from the post of New Labour Health Minister where he had responsibility for the botched £12 billion NHS Programme for IT (NHSPfIT) – which current NHS England head honchos Simon Stevens and Matthew Swindells were also involved in – Warner hastened to sell his services to a range of companies with a direct interest in getting contracts with the fast- privatising NHS that resulted from the 2000 New Labour Concordat with private health care companies.

He is a former adviser to Apax Partners – one of the leading private equity investors in healthcare, Their UK investments include General Healthcare Group which claims to be the largest private hospitals operator in the UK, with a 33% ish share…

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