More attempts at blocking free speech

OK.  I changed my name and reregistered on Disqus to continue the fight against misinformation posted on that web site.

A Conservative voter comes on touting for the Tories with a list of reasons why he doesn’t want a Labour Party:

Lee Harris 14 hours ago:
“I don’t want to see a country where the government is in hock to its union backers .
I don’t want to see a country where parents who make sacrifices to give their children a decent education are penalised so free school meals can be given to families who can well afford to pay. I don’t want to see a country where hard earned tax payers money is squandered on benefits paid to people who should be working and standing on their own two feet. Don’t let Labour hold you back. Quite simply vote Conservative and stand up for hard working, self-reliant people.”

Note: this is a forum established to support and inform grassroots Labour activists and is sponsored by unions.

Yet, I found it really difficult to get a reply through to Lee, my reply kept being marked as Spam. If anyone can tell me why this reply would be marked as spam, please let me know so I can edit it:

My reply to Lee:

I don’t want to see a country where the wealthy few dictate government policy.
I don’t want to see a country where young people have to pay for their own education and training that benefits everyone in society, not least the greedy profiteers looking to exploit such human capital.

I don’t want to see a country where the most vulnerable are made to suffer unnecessarily because bureaucrats insist on oppressive forms of means testing.
I don’t want to see a country where those who benefit the most from living as a shared society, and take the most wealth from it, pay less than their fair share of taxes which are necessary to maintain the security and legal systems they rely on to carry out their businesses; to maintain the roads and transport systems necessary for transporting their goods and services; to maintain the police force necessary to protect their privately owned property, much of which – land and the resources it provides – was once owned by us all collectively.

I don’t want people who have worked hard and paid their taxes and National Insurance to suffer from the vagaries of a corrupt market economy when they find themselves unemployed and without income because a businessman has decided to rob a company blind, strip all its assets, and then sell it – and its employees – for a pound.
I don’t want to see the public goods and organisations we have all paid for through our taxes handed over to venture capitalists and profiteers to use, abuse and destroy in the name of profit.

I don’t want to see ANYONE who is honest and works hard having to go to food banks because they live in a low pay, low tax society with rulers who put profit ahead of the well being of its citizens.
If you care about people more than money, you MUST vote Labour. If all you are interested in is looking after yourself, just think: the vicissitudes of life affect us all; who will be there to fight for you, when it is your turn to be badly affected by them. You need to vote Labour: just in case.

Of course, if you are in the 0.1% of those benefitting from this asset stripping of Britain then you should vote Tory. The rest of us really need to be voting Labour.




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