SKWAWKBOX in the news – Buzzfeed and the ‘alt-left’ media


The SKWAWKBOX trailed last week that a major online publication was preparing an article about the blog and other left-wing online media. Today, Buzzfeed’s Jim Waterson has published the article, titled:

buzzfeed.jpgThe article looks at the importance of publications such as The Canary, Another Angry Voice and Evolve – and, of course, the SKWAWKBOX – in balancing the media mix and presenting an alternative view. It even ends by suggesting that reviews of these media should be included in the BBC’s review of daily newspapers, arguing that they include the right-wing end of the spectrum, so why not publications like this blog.

Of course, we’re not ‘alt-left’ when the ‘alt-right’ consists of publications that essentially make stuff up and promote a blinkered, bigoted mentality. We’re just ‘left’ – a left that can see the Establishment media are presenting everything with its own agenda and sees the need for someone to…

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