#Smearwegoagain:’MPs’ say Corbyn’s Labour ‘antisemitic’. CHAC report shows itself nonsense

A reminder of the last time antisemitism was weaponised by the Labour right…


So, the press and broadcast media are buzzing this morning with stories of a report by the Commons Home Affairs Committee (CHAC) that criticises Jeremy Corbyn for “providing a safe space for Jew-haters“.

Smear we go again. Those attacking Corbyn are like chain-smokers, so desperate and twitchy to undermine him and his electoral chances that they’ve barely thrown away the fag-end of one ludicrous slander before lighting the next one. Which is odd, considering he’s supposed to be so ‘unelectable’.

The full report is over 25,000 words long, so a detailed analysis is going to take a long time. However, as ‘a lie gets round the world while the truth is pulling its socks on’, a quick analysis of the facets of the report that are primarily populating the headlines is in order.

1. Unanimity

The ‘unanimous backing’ of the report ‘by Conservative, LibDem and Labour members of…

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Corbyn DIDN’T ‘not recognise’ Becky L-B’s spending plans. More ‘moderate’ misogynism

Misinformation… not good for democracy. Well Done Squawk 🙂


There is a definite strategy in play at the moment – if you can call something so vile and base a strategy – by the pseudo-Labour right to undermine prominent women in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet.

The latest attack – a ‘twofer’ that also attempts to ridicule Corbyn himself – is another hatchet-piece on the PoliticsHome website. And it’s not the first time that site, which is edited by a former Sun ‘journalist’, has attacked Labour women – the same site featured a ‘shaming’ article that gave a platform to Blairite MPs to mouth off at Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti for the ‘crime’ of preferring to go for a drink rather than listen to the right-wingers moan at a meeting:

ph confusion.pngThe piece references two BBC broadcasts – a Radio 4 interview this morning between Nick Robinson and Jeremy Corbyn and a Marr interview on Sunday with Rebecca Long-Bailey. It claims…

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New information deepens doubts over #Copeland by-election

Democracy under attack in Britain? Very worrying…


batemanLast weekend, the SKWAWKBOX published concerns raised by a firm of electoral analysts about the apparent unlawfulness of the conduct of the Copeland by-election last week – and subsequently, video footage in which a BBC reporter (pictured above) talked about the ‘unusual’ handling of the trays used for ballot papers and separate footage in which BBC Question Time host David Dimbleby announced that Labour had held Copeland then quickly retracted it.

As a result of those articles, further information has come forward from eyewitnesses and others that only serves to deepen concerns over the validity of the result. Remember that BBC reporter Tom Bateman has already been shown observing that trays which would normally be stacked with votes were empty, so the information below becomes extremely significant:

  1. As Sky News reported at two minutes to midnight, the number of postal votes was already known:
    The figure of 9,000 is broadly…

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Open Letter To Alan Johnson

Extremely well thought through piece. Everyone should read this.

Turning the Tide


You say moderate party members must sieze the party back from middle class left wingers who see winning elections as a betrayal of their principles. Now how do I say this politely. What a load of tosh! Corbyn supporters want to win elections as much as you do. We simply don’t believe you have to sacrifice your principles to win them. It was that way of thinking that lost Labour five million voters under Blair and Brown which greatly contributed to the rise of the SNP and UKIP, and fanned the flames for a brexit vote. We became the triangulation party, trying to out tory the tories on some policies and out UKIP UKIP on others. The public just got confused and gave up on us.


Our approach is different. We believe Labour should be a sign post party, not a focus group obsessed, weathervane party, so that every

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Neil Coyle MP experiences what it’s like to be a purged Labour member

UKI Left

Labour MP Neil Coyle appeared on Sky News earlier today speaking out against Jeremy Corbyn’s release of the 13 Labour MP’s who had been named in a list showing those MP’s which had used abusive behaviour or language towards, or about, Jeremy Corbyn.
It has since been revealed that the list was unintentionally released as part of a briefing and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has issued an apology.

Listen though to how Neil Coyle speaks of the revelation in the video below from Sky News earlier.

Neil Coyle states..

“All I know is that the leader of my party has gone out of his way to issue a statement accusing me of abuse with no detail, no forewarning, no explanation of what I am accusedof..”

He went on to say..

“..I’m trying to work out what I’m accused of and how to defend myself from defamation by my own party…

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